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So what is a Safelist?
Basically, a safelist is a mailing list that allows you to advertise your web sites, affiliate programs and business opportunities to name a few. All members of a safelist, free or paid, agree to receive advertising emails from other members of the list. Which makes safelist marketing is a GREAT benefit to you as it provides you with a low cost, EFFECTIVE method that allows you to market your promotions to a large audience that are interested in your offers via email. -- without being accused of spam.

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Why is Safelist Plus better?
There are TWO different types of safelists; a traditional safelist and a credit based safelist. Basically a traditional safelist does not offer members a benefit to click your link and view your site. Whereas, a credit based safelist does and that's exactly what Safelist Plus is... a credit based safelist.

In order to post your ads to our members at Safelist Plus you must have credits -- and the best way to earn TONS of credits is by reading other members ads. This is a TOTAL win-win situation - your ad gets read by our active members, and those members earn free credits for viewing your ads!

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How does it work?
To send your ad to another member it will cost you one credit. So for example if you wanted to send your ad to 1000 members it would cost you 1000 credits. Even though Safelist Plus is brand new safelist, we anticipate at growing our list quickly into the 1000's over the months to come.

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